How to use the Microsoft Teams web app

Microsoft Teams has apps for both Windows 10 and macOS. While they aren’t identical, come with an impressive range of features and surpass the Microsoft Teams web-based app in many areas.

Although it’s true that the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile applications are superior to its web-based app however, the web application does have its benefits. The biggest benefit you get from using the web application is the fact that you’re not likely to experience sign-in issues using Microsoft Teams, you’re unlikely to encounter issues caused by an infected cache and you don’t need to install the application.

Microsoft Teams web app

Microsoft Teams web app Microsoft Teams web app can be used with any modern web browser on desktops. It isn’t compatible with mobile browsers, which means the benefits of the web application are only available to users of desktops. If you’re interested in joining an online meeting via your phone it’s necessary to download the Microsoft Teams official Microsoft Teams app on your phone.

Use Microsoft Teams web app

The use of Microsoft Teams’ Microsoft Teams web application is quite easy. All you require is the correct URL/link to the web application and the login details to begin. It is possible to use any kind password to log in i.e. If your account was established using your company’s Active Directory, you will still be able use the web application.

  1. Go to for the Microsoft Teams web app here.
  2. Sign in using Your Microsoft Teams email and password.
  3. If you are prompted click instead. Use the Web application instead.
  4. You will be directed into the Microsoft Teams web app.
  5. You can activate desktop notifications alarms to the application, if you wish by selecting the option on the bottom of the right.

Microsoft Teams web app limitations

Microsoft Teams web app Microsoft Teams web app will provide a decent user experience, but it is not without its limitations.

  • Blur of the background to use for call calls with video isn’t currently available.
  • Background images are not allowed during a video-based meeting.
  • One-on-1 calls are not recorded.
  • together mode isn’t accessible.
  • Videos and images are not shared in the course of a meeting (but photos and videos can be uploaded later to Files).
  • They are not able to design break-out rooms (but they can be joined or be relocated into them).
  • The noise suppression feature won’t function for calls.
  • The ‘Take Control’ function only works when the presentation is using PowerPoint is being used to present.
  • System audio can’t be shared only audio from the microphone can be shared.
  • Screensharing is available only during a phone call and not in chat sessions.
  • Chat windows can’t be popped out.
  • Users are not able to switch teams belonging to different groups.


Microsoft Teams Web App Microsoft Teams web app will assist you in the majority of meetings, and allows you to view documents that were shared with you. Microsoft Teams’ Microsoft Teams collaboration tools will be useful, but should you host many meetings and make use of features such as Screen sharing or whiteboards or you need to take charge of a shared screen in a meeting, you must use the desktop version.