$1.85M Bounty Offered to Identify Curve Finance Hacker

• Curve Finance, a DeFi platform, has announced a bounty of $1.85 million for identifying the hacker who exploited their system and stole over $60 million in funds.
• The deadline for voluntary return of funds has passed, and the bounty is offered to anyone who can identify the exploiter in order to bring them to justice.
• This comes after some of the stolen funds have already been returned by the hacker, along with a message claiming that they are not afraid of being caught but instead wanted to spare projects from any further damage.

Curve Finance Exploit

A DeFi protocol named Curve Finance has been hit by an exploit which resulted in over $60 million worth of assets being stolen. As a result, Curve Finance has now set up a public bounty of $1.85 million for anyone who can identify the hacker responsible and help bring them to justice.

Deadline For Voluntary Return Of Funds Passed

The deadline for voluntary return of funds had already passed when Curve announced its public bounty offer. The reward will be given to whoever is able to identify and successfully convict the exploiter in court. If the exploiter chooses to return all of the funds, then no further action will be taken against them by Curve or other impacted protocols such as Alchemix and JPEGd.

Stolen Funds Returned By Hacker

The hacker had previously agreed to return some of the stolen funds if he was awarded a 10% bug bounty from all affected projects; this offer was accepted by Alchemix, JPEGd, and Curve itself. According to reports from PeckShieldAlert, around 73% (or $52.3 million) has already been returned by different parties involved in this incident before the public bounty announcement was made.

Hacker’s Message Before Returning Funds

Before returning any funds back, the hacker sent out a message claiming they were not doing it out of fear but rather out of respect for all affected projects: “I want you guys [the affected projects] succeed so I am returning part of your money” they said in their blockchain message before sending back some assets to Alchemix and JPEGd teams respectively .


This incident serves as an important reminder that even though technology continues advancing at an incredible rate – mistakes are still made from time-to-time that can cause significant financial losses unless dealt with properly; both legally and technically speaking. Hopefully this example serves as motivation for other crypto platforms/projects out there looking into setting up similar bounties or insurance policies designed specifically against malicious exploits like these ones mentioned here today!